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Sun-Times Writer And Admitted Sox Fan Disses Ryne Sandberg

Something You Should Know...

... if you don't already.

On the Sun-Times website and in today's paper, somebody named Dale Bowman, a self-professed Sox fan, wrote a vitriolic article (no longer available online) trying to show why Ryne Sandberg should not be in the Hall of Fame.

It's riddled with errors and inconsistencies and is, in general, shoddy journalism. But what's most interesting about the article is that, unlike most online articles, particularly at the Sun-Times site, it doesn't give any link to contact the writer, or even who he is -- I didn't recognize his name.

So, a bit of Googling turned up this:

Bowman is a Sun-Times staff reporter, writing primarily about hunting and fishing matters, as seen here.

It is awfully gutless for them not to put his e-mail address at the bottom of the article, especially because he is not a guest columnist, but a member of their own staff. You can imagine why this happened -- I would think his e-mail box would wind up being filled today, and as such, I'm going to help you fill it up, by providing it to you, from one of the articles at the above link:

Speaking of "", here it is.

Note the photo of him with a Sox cap. Gutless is right. Feel free to fill up his e-mail box with the facts about a true Hall-of-Famer, Ryne Sandberg.

UPDATE: Even most Sox fans know what an idiot Bowman is. This thread on a Sox message board contains some well-thought-out and reasonable ideas from Sox fans on Sandberg's HoF worth.