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Monday Notes

Joe Aiello at The View From The Bleachers e-mailed me the other day, asking for some comments on my blog, baseball and the Cubs, in light of my winning honors as Best Cubs Blog 2004.

My answers are posted at TVFTB today, so I'll give Joe a plug; head on over for the interview.

Also, it was revealed Sunday why Nomar Garciaparra wasn't at the convention. He and wife Mia Hamm attended the UNC-Miami basketball game in Chapel Hill, NC.

Lest you think the two of them just blew off Cub fans for college hoops, there was a good reason for this trip -- UNC was honoring Mia for being one of the greatest athletes ever to attend the school, plus there was a dinner and halftime honors for Mia and her USA soccer teammates for winning the Olympic gold medal.

I'd say that's a pretty good reason. Here's a bit more about Nomar and Mia's trip to Chapel Hill.

And Nomar did go to several schools as part of the Cubs Caravan in the two days before the convention, so it's clear that he does want to give back to Cubs fans, and did so, unlike a certain other star player who, when he has come to the convention, has ducked out quickly on his way back to the Dominican Republic.