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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Astros, Saturday 10/1

I came across something of interest today that I thought I'd share with you.

Someone named Michael Baldwin is trying to put together a census-type map of the USA which shows what regions/cities support which sports teams. It's larger than that, actually -- he also wants to show what the influence of various large cities is, throughout their regions. You can participate here; you don't have to enter any personal info that you don't want to, and the results ought to be interesting.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jerome Williams
J. Williams
vs. Roger Clemens
R. Clemens
6-9 W-L 12-8
4.28 ERA 1.89
67 SO 180
47 BB 59
13 HR 11

Williams threw a nice game against the Astros last Sunday at Wrigley Field, getting a win despite issuing six walks. It'd be a nice confidence-builder for him to win two straight against a contending team.

Clemens' record this year is nothing short of bizarre. The Astros have been shut out nine times in Clemens' 31 starts, including five 1-0 shutouts -- and even more oddly, Clemens has five no-decisions for those 1-0 games, meaning he left all of them with the score 0-0.

Time to make that ten shutouts. Clemens has been hurting and hasn't pitched in twelve days; he got pounded for 11 hits by the Pirates, of all teams, on September 19.

Reminder, today's game time has been changed from 7:05 CT to 3:05 CT at the request of Fox-TV. Whether it's on in your area depends on that monkey throwing darts at the map of the USA over at Fox HQ in California.

Discuss amongst yourselves.