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Open Thread: Division Series, Monday 10/10

There's only one left: Yankees vs. Angels, 7 pm CT, FOX.

The winner, after having flown 3,000 miles from New York to Los Angeles last night to play today, gets to fly out right after the game to Chicago for tomorrow's game one of the ALCS.

Lots of frequent flyer miles!

Yesterday, there was a gathering of some of the bleacher regulars outside the construction site at the corner of Waveland & Kenmore. I couldn't make it, but Mike was there, and sent me these notes:

They are apparently committed to reuse whatever they can. As many bricks as can be, will be reset. The benches, I heard, are being sent for a "refurbishing". It looks more and more as though the flanking fields will be taken out to the ivy wall. Some of the future CF restaurant area has been knocked out completely. Demolition aspect of this project is supposed to be completed by Nov 1.

The site is patrolled, a sympathetic guard had some amusing conversation with us, but did not allow entry. At one point, Mary Ellen stood outside the wall and yelled inside: "We're never going away, Andy MacPhail, you cheap, greedy bastard!" It was suggested we have a "sweater vest day" in RF next spring in his honor.

Discuss amongst yourselves.