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Open Thread: NLCS Game 2, Thursday 10/13, And More Bleacher Photos

Astros vs. Cardinals, 7:05 pm CT, Fox. (Cardinals lead series 1-0)

Here's an article about many disputed calls, plays, etc. in recent postseason play, including you-know-who from you-know-which-game.

One thing on which I think we can all agree -- things like this are part of what makes baseball the game we all love; disputes, arguments, close plays, interpretations, are all part of baseball lore and history, going back over 100 years. Last night's play will be remembered forever.

I decided to go by the bleachers myself today and take some photos, which I've posted below. You can see they are working at a very quick pace compared to the last set of pics, taken five days ago. Ignore the 1/6/2000 date stamp -- that's a software problem inside my camera.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Row 1: Looking north down Sheffield, Looking up toward ramp & CF bleachers

Row 2: Two views behind RF bleachers; stairway behind my old section visible in right photo

Row 3: Old entrance (door to men's room visible), looking in toward left-center field

Row 4: Wider view of right photo above, further down LF side

Row 5: Wider view of right photo above

Photos by Al