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Open Thread: NLCS Game 5, Monday 10/17

So I go up to a co-worker who is a big Sox fan and congratulate him, and say that I hope that if our situations are reversed soon, that he could do the same thing.

"You're a better man than I," he said. He didn't say "Cubs suck", but he seemed mildly gloating that the Sox got to the World Series first.

I wish it weren't that way, but there it is.

Cardinals vs. Astros, 7:05 pm CT, Fox. (Astros lead series 3-1)

I expect this to be the final game thread until World Series game 1 on Saturday; the Cardinals look about as dispirited as the Angels, and with a boisterous home crowd, Houston ought to dispatch them today to make their first World Series ever.

Discuss amongst yourselves.