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Congratulations, I Guess

The White Sox beat the Angels last night 6-3, and so are in the World Series for the first time since 1959.

I'd be a lot happier about this if:

  • I knew for a fact that we'd be next;
  • I knew I wouldn't hear "Cubs suck" from Sox fans.
Seriously, White Sox fans: be happy. We Cub fans DO know how you feel -- we've been in a pennant drought ourselves, maybe you've heard about it. Revel in what your team has accomplished. Just leave the "Cubs suck" out of it -- at least till the next time our two teams play each other next May 19.

The White Sox absolutely annihilated the Angels -- I don't think I've seen any postseason series in which the losing team seemed so absolutely out of it, not even any four-game sweeps in recent memory. The four consecutive complete games thrown is the first time that's been done in any postseason series since 1956.

As usual, the MSM was confused. From the above-linked Yahoo article:

Not since the 1956 New York Yankees beat the Brooklyn Dodgers behind five straight complete games from Whitey Ford, Tom Sturdivant, Don Larsen (his perfect game), Bob Turley and Johnny Kucks had a staff thrown as many as four in a row in a postseason series.
That implies that the Yankees won five straight games in the World Series, an impossibility. What you find if you actually look at the 1956 WS game results is that while the Yankees did indeed throw five straight CG's, one of them was a ten-inning CG loss in game six by Turley.

You're welcome.

Yes, I'm going to go. Why not? It's the WORLD SERIES, for heaven's sake, and it's only eight miles from my house.