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Open Thread: World Series Game 1, Saturday 10/22

Astros vs. White Sox, 6:30 pm CT, Fox.

Well, at least that's the time they're giving out -- realistically, the first pitch probably won't be thrown till sometime a little after 7, with the rest of the time being used for TV hype.

I have attended three World Series games in my life -- that'd be this one, this one, and this one. Tonight, that becomes four.

To give you an idea how different things are now, in 1982 they had a postcard lottery for tickets at County Stadium to see the Brewers play the Cardinals.

Everyone who sent in a postcard got tickets.

Today's start by Roger Clemens will be his eighth World Series start.

The Astros have five players with World Series experience:

Clemens (1986 Red Sox, 1999-2000-01-03 Yankees), Andy Pettitte (1996-98-99-2000-01-03 Yankees, Russ Springer (1999 Braves), Jose Vizcaino (2000 Yankees), and Orlando Palmeiro (2002 Angels).

The White Sox counter with four:

Jermaine Dye (1996 Braves), Orlando Hernandez (1998-99-2000-01 Yankees), Jose Contreras (2003 Yankees), and Timo Perez (2000 Mets).

In just a few hours, none of that will matter. It will be cold and breezy, generally considered pitchers' weather.

Enough talk. Play ball!

Discuss amongst yourselves.