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Open Thread: World Series Game 2, Sunday 10/23

Astros vs. White Sox, 6:30 pm CT, Fox. (White Sox lead series 1-0)

This will be the latest calendar date on which I have ever attended a baseball game. The previous latest was, of course, yesterday; before that it was Oct. 18, 1980, game four of that World Series between the Royals and Phillies.

Here are some photos from yesterday:

Top: Outside the ballpark; Astros & White Sox line up for introductions

Bottom: During National Anthem; First pitch

Photos by Al

(as always, click on photos to view full-size in new browser window; if you are using IE, you may have to click the lower-right corner of the image to expand it to its full size; in Firefox click anywhere on the image.)

Discuss amongst yourselves. And yes, keep ignoring the date stamp on the pictures; I still haven't gotten around to fixing it!