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Open Thread: World Series Game 3, Tuesday 10/25

White Sox vs. Astros, 7 pm CT, Fox (White Sox lead series 2-0)

"7 pm", of course, is highlight & hype time. First pitch should be about 7:30 or so.

Controversy-of-the-day: whether the roof at Minute Maid Park should be open or not for the game. Since the weather forecast calls for clear skies, light winds and temperatures in the 60's, there's absolutely no reason to close it, particularly since that has been the practice of the Astros all year -- to leave it open unless it's either raining or too hot.

Prediction: despite the protestations of the Astros, the Commissioner's office will order the roof to stay open.

Bizarre quote from tonight's Houston starting pitcher, Roy Oswalt, on this issue:

I think Chicago had their advantage there -- cold, windy. They've been playing in it all year; we haven't. So let's bring it back home and give the advantage to us now.

I'd hardly call "cold, windy" an "advantage". Plus -- I don't remember it being "cold, windy" here in Chicago in July and August.

There. Had enough hype?

Discuss amongst yourselves.