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Open Thread: World Series Game 4, Wednesday 10/26

White Sox vs. Astros, 7 pm CT, Fox. (White Sox lead series 3-0)

I expect this to be the last open gameday thread posted this year. So does Mike:

This has been far more thrilling than any sweep has a right to be. It will end tonight, and not be close, I expect Backe to be shelled.

Yes, I stayed [awake] to the end. At this rate, when the Cubs finally win it, we'll be waking you up every other batter. Maybe we can hire Mark to pour some beverage over your head at appropriate moments.

And my friend Steve from the LF bleachers also e-mailed me; turns out he was in section 540 on Sunday, only a few feet from where Mike & I were sitting:

There were those who wanted to see the Cubs versus either the Red or White Sox in the WS and I said "NO". Since one would have to lose, it would be criminal.

But now that both Sox are likely to have made peace with the WS gods, that leaves the Cubs to overcome all next year. Then in 2007 I don't care who the Cubs play in the WS.

If I could have perfectly written the script, the Cubs would have been victorious before either of the Sox clubs, but waiting another year is not hard to do.

That sums it up, I think. The 2005 season comes to a close tonight.

Finally, there's a nice interview with Matt Murton on the Cubs website today. Sounds like he really "gets it" as far as what it takes to become a solid major leaguer.

Let us hope he is given every opportunity to do so.

Discuss amongst yourselves.