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Random Friday Thoughts

So today I get called in to work on my day off, to help work on our station's coverage of the Sox parade/rally -- if you happened to be watching it on ESPN, they picked up our station's feed, incidentally.

After the 3 1/2 hour marathon show was over, I said to one of the managers, "This was a great rehearsal for the Cubs parade next year!"

Laughter resulted. Ah, they of little faith.

I also received from my friend David, who is responsible for most of the great photos you see of the bleacher reconstruction project, this final accounting of how the Cubs did wearing their various jerseys this past year:

Home Pinstripe: 18-24
Home Blue: 20-19
Road Gray: 17-20
Road Blue: 23-21

As you know, the choice of jersey is generally left up to that day's starting pitcher. These results reflect the fact that Carlos Zambrano always chooses the blue jerseys, home and road.

David ended with this note:

Bonus White Sox Information: Playoff Jersey Record

Home Pinstripe: 3-0
Home Vest: 2-1
Road Gray: 6-0

The White Sox never wore their alternate [black] jersey during the entire postseason. They worn their vest style jersey for the first two postseason games. When they lost the first game against the Angels, while wearing the vest jersey, the team stopped wearing them. The team stuck with the standard home and road jerseys for the rest of the games. Only I would have kept track of that.

157 days till Opening Day!