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Vote Early And Often

Starting Tuesday, and running through the entire month of November, you can head over to the Baseball Hall of Fame Website and help choose the nominees for the 2006 Ford Frick Award, which goes to one baseball broadcaster per year.

Current and former Cubs broadcasters who are on the potential nominee list are (alphabetically) Lou Boudreau, Gene Elston, Pat Hughes, Josh Lewin, Vince Lloyd, Ron Santo, and Steve Stone. (Yes, that's right, Josh Lewin is on the list, having broadcast ten years, and one season with the Cubs.)

You can vote for three at a time, once per day per valid e-mail address. As a public service I remind you that you can find an unlimited supply of free, valid e-mail addresses here.

Being selected for the Frick Award is NOT being "inducted" into the Hall -- that's a misperception; broadcasters aren't full HoF members, although a good argument could be made that they should be. That's a topic you can tackle in the comments.

But Frick Award honorees get to stand on the podium on Induction Day and make a speech along with the players/managers/others who are inducted. Wouldn't it be sweet to see Santo up there? Or Stone? Or Hughes?

As I said up there, vote early and often. And a tip o' the cap to my SB Nation colleague Blez at Athletics Nation, who reminded me of this upcoming vote through this post asking for votes for A's broadcaster Bill King, who passed away recently.