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Open Thread: Division Series, Tuesday 10/4

I'm going to post a thread like this for every day of the playoffs -- for all of you to talk about the playoff games, about the Cubs, about baseball in general, just to keep things going here.

Here is MLB's playoff site, with pitching matchups, series previews, and gametimes.

Speaking of which, what is the deal with these odd "3:09" and "7:19" times? Why not just say 3:10 or 7:20? Because by the time they are delayed with commercials, etc. you KNOW they won't start at 3:09.

If you live in any of the eight cities who have teams in the postseason and do not have cable or satellite, there are local broadcast TV stations in each market which will carry ESPN's cable coverage. As the saying goes, "check local listings".

UPDATE [2005-10-4 10:15:46 by Al]: I participated in a season's end Cubs Roundtable discussion with several other Cubs bloggers (yes, including Chuck!); it's posted today at The Cub Reporter.

Discuss amongst yourselves.