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Open Thread: Division Series, Saturday 10/8, And More Bleacher Photos

3 pm CT: Angels vs. Yankees, FOX (Angels lead series 2-1)

(The weather forecast for New York is still awful for today; I'd expect a postponement.)

6:30 pm CT: Astros vs. Braves, FOX (Series tied 1-1)

10 pm CT: Cardinals vs. Padres, ESPN (Cardinals lead series 2-0)

Discuss amongst yourselves.

MLB's postseason site is here.

ESPN's is here.

Yahoo's is here.

Top: Wide view of LF bleachers; closeup of former family section, now demolished

Bottom: Old bleacher entrance, now demolished; view into lower concourse on Waveland side

Photos by David Sameshima, taken on Thursday 10/6

UPDATE [2005-10-8 12:11:35 by Al]: The Yankees-Angels game has been rained out. Game 4 in that series will be played tomorrow at 6:30 CT.