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In a place you normally wouldn't go for Cub news -- Michael Sneed's column in the Sun-Times -- today found this Cub tidbit:

It's no secret Cubs shortstop Nomar Garciaparra has filed for free agency, but Sneed hears from a top source he will definitely not be with the team next season.

Take that for whatever it's worth, which when Sneed is concerned sometimes isn't much.

Also, I have been remiss in welcoming new members of the SB Nation family lately. A few weeks ago we added a Nationals blog, Federal Baseball, and soon Twins and Blue Jays sites will join us.

If you're into other Chicago sports, there is also a Chicago Bulls blog, Blog-A-Bull, and there are other NBA sites as well as college sites. You may have noticed on the sidebar that there are now drop-down menus for the various sports; others will be added as the SB Nation family grows.