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Attention Milton Bradley Fans!

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Phil Rogers says the Cubs discussed acquiring him at the recent GM meetings.

Also being discussed, as we have heard here before, are the acquisition of Juan Pierre, and possibly Kevin Mench.

Pierre, fine.

Mench, ONLY if it's to be as a fourth outfielder. I think we'd be very disappointed with him as a starter.

Also, according to the Rogers article:

Cubs GM Jim Hendry will listen to trade talk for just about anyone but turns the other way when other clubs ask about outfielders Matt Murton and Felix Pie and lefty Rich Hill.

Well, I'd trade Hill in the right deal, but I agree with him on the other two. And even Pie might be tradeable, depending on who you acquire in exchange.

About Bradley: his headcaseness is well known and documented. He is also a tremendously talented athlete who will be 28 in January. Again, this is the sort of player who Dusty Baker might work wonders with -- remember, Baker's strength has always been touted as being the way he works with players as individuals, getting them to produce their utmost effort for the team. We already know about Baker's lineup selections, bullpen choices, etc. and yes, they are not the best.

But if he could coax a career year out of Milton Bradley, while also molding him into a good teammate, I'd do it. Given the chaotic state of the Dodger front office these days, I doubt you'd have to give up much to get him, either.