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This Isn't Really News, But...

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... the Cubs have basically told Nomar Garciaparra to "find a better fit":

[Jim] Hendry said Garciaparra "is in a situation where he should go out and find if there is a better fit. With our situation at third, he's not going to play there, [though] he did fine when he got over there.

"Arn [Tellem, Nomar's agent] and I had a nice discussion in Palm Springs, and we didn't slam any doors. But we both agreed that he should go out and look around."


You all know that I like Nomar and would love to see him back, but not at shortstop -- perhaps in left field. And that's not anything against Matt Murton, who did a fine job last September in left, and who I would definitely like to see in the 2006 starting lineup. If Murton could handle RF, then why not Nomar in left?

Rumor has it that the Dodgers are interested in Garciaparra; of course, the Dodger front office is currently in turmoil.

The next few weeks ought to be verrrry interesting.

UPDATE [2005-11-14 10:29:29 by Al]: My SB Nation colleague over at the Braves site Talking Chop says that Furcal's not worth $10 million a year. I'm not passing judgment on that statement, merely passing it along for your perusal.