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Bleacher Reconstruction Update

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My friend David went by the ballpark during the windstorm on Sunday, Nov. 13, and sent these pictures of the construction:

Top: View from Sheffield. Note the windscreens flapping in midair. The construction gate on Sheffield had been knocked down; closeup of the construction gate area. Note the bleacher benches that were used as part of the temporary barricade. The guard hut is also visible on the sidewalk underneath the Stadium Club.

Row 2: looking west down Waveland Ave.; from Waveland Ave. behind center field. With the windscreens missing, you can look under the stands and see Sheffield Ave. from Waveland Ave.

Row 3: the right field gate area. During construction, a fence with windscreen, has been blocking off the view into the ballpark. The windstorm has knocked down the barrier. This gives a rare opportunity to look directly into the ballpark from Sheffield Ave. Also visible are the inspection platforms being used in the upper deck; a peek at the guard hut, located on the Sheffield Ave. sidewalk underneath the Stadium Club. The hut is normally concealed by the windscreens. Note the windscreen in midair, due to the fasteners torn away by the high winds.

Bottom: looking west down Waveland Ave. Some of the windscreens survived while others didn't. The construction gate on Waveland did survive intact; the area behind the "old" family section. Note the ladder in the foreground. This illustrates how deep the excavation is.

Photos by David Sameshima

(as always, click on photos to view full-size in new browser window; if you are using IE, you may have to click the lower-right corner of the image to expand it to its full size; in Firefox click anywhere on the image.)