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Free Agent Frenzy... Your Picks, Please!

MLB's Free Agent Frenzy contest had a deadline of last night at 10:59 pm CT to submit picks.

With that in mind, anyone who wants to play the BCB version of this game, post your picks in the comments here.

We'll play by the same rules the MLB game has -- our contest will end either when all 15 of the players on the list sign, or March 1, 2006, whichever is earlier. In the event that someone on the list does not sign with anyone by March 1, everyone gets zero (0) points for that selection.

The winner gets a prize-to-be-chosen-later from Al's Big Collection Of Baseball Stuff. If I win, the prize goes to the 2nd place winner. If there's a tie ... well, I'll figure out a tiebreaker later. If anyone has a good idea for a tiebreaker, I'm open to suggestions.

I'll start. Here are my picks:

Burnett, Orioles, 11
Damon, Red Sox, 12
Farnsworth, Braves, 10
Furcal, Cubs, 15
Garciaparra, White Sox, 2
Giles, Cardinals, 9
Jones, Yankees, 8
Konerko, White Sox, 14
Millwood, Braves, 5
Molina, Mets, 6
Morris, Mariners, 13
Piazza, Angels, 4
Ryan, Yankees, 7
Wagner, Phillies, 1
Wilson, Nationals, 3