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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - November 17

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This all has to be finished in 140 days. Think they'll make it? Keep in mind that it was 30 degrees today, not a very conducive temperature for pouring concrete. (Photos taken at 1 pm today, Thursday 11/17)

Top: looking west down Waveland; tighter shot of construction underneath CF

Row 2: underneath RF bleachers; behind LF bleachers. This is the base of the new back wall on Waveland.

Row 3: near corner of Waveland & Sheffield looking in toward CF sections & ramp; this one shows where the "knothole" will be, where the metal doors were in RF. Note that on Sunday, when David took photos, this was open; today they put up a windscreen blocking the view into the ballpark.

Bottom: view looking east down Waveland. Here you can clearly see where the new back wall will be located.

Photos by Al

(as always, click on photos to view full-size in new browser window; if you are using IE, you may have to click the lower-right corner of the image to expand it to its full size; in Firefox click anywhere on the image.)