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Cubs Sign Scott Eyre

If you haven't already heard, or read it in one of the diaries already posted, the Cubs signed left-handed reliever Scott Eyre to a two-year contract, with a player option for a third year.

No money details in that link, but I suspect it'll be close to the $9 million reported on various sites.

This is a little more than I would have liked to spend, but Eyre is a dependable reliever who gets lefthanders out (and at least in 2005, got righthanders out too -- LH opponents hit .182, RH opponents .213). His BB/K ratios are good, and he doesn't give up many HR (only three in 68.1 IP last season).

Good first step to solidifying the bullpen.

And if he gets really famous, maybe Nike will start a shoe line in his honor.

You know, "Air Eyre".