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Better Behave....

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... if you go to a sports event in New York.

The New York City Council passed an ordinance last week providing for jail time and up to $25,000 fines, for fans who run onto playing fields or who otherwise interrupt play.

Good. I've been in favor of this for years; current laws in Chicago provide for no jail time and small enough fines that people like the idiots who ran on the field attacking players and umpires at the Cell, or the guy who charged Randy Myers at Wrigley Field in 1995, figure it's worth a few hundred dollars for their 15 minutes.

It shouldn't be. This is, as we have learned in recent years, a much more dangerous world than it used to be. Yesterday, Carol Slezak reported in the Sun-Times that Soldier Field is the only NFL stadium where fans are not "patted down" before entering.

Why? According to Slezak's column:

Scott Hagel, the Bears' senior director of corporate communications, also indicated the Park District was to blame.

"We don't own the building," Hagel said. "We work with the Park District, which owns Soldier Field, and with SMG [which manages Soldier Field]. We're working with them to figure out if it can work."

This is shortsighted and stupid. What has to happen? Does someone, a fan, player (remember the fan who tackled Brett Favre last month?) or official, have to be killed before legislators put stiffer penalties on such things?

Do it now. Everywhere.