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Waiting For Howry

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While we wait for the seemingly done-deal signing of RH reliever Bob Howry (and is it "Bob" or "Bobby" these days?), perhaps as soon as next week, some random musings as we get ready for the holiday weekend:

  • David Ortiz says Manny Ramirez won't come back to the Red Sox under any circumstances. The article cites "a difficult situation that only he and his family know about", and says Ramirez wants to go to "a team in the West". Well, Chicago is west of Boston. I still think this would help the Cubs.
  • Carlos Delgado is about to become a Met, which almost happened in free agency a year ago. If the Marlins are dumping contracts this quickly, I suspect Juan Pierre will be a Cub soon; but why not Luis Castillo too? Or Paul LoDuca? Incidentally, if the Marlins do get Mike Jacobs, as that article says they will, they'll do just fine. Jacobs is a major talent.
  • The poll about the BCB clock is in a tight race -- 31 votes for, 31 against, 75 "don't care". Vote! Even if it's just to say "don't care". I'll leave this poll up through the weekend.
  • The White Sox players got $324,532 each for winning the World Series, an all-time record. What's more interesting in that article is the fact that each member of the Arizona Diamondbacks got $9,919.94 (those who got a full share, anyway) for finishing second in the NL West. That means that a club that stumbled to a record two games worse than the Cubs pocketed almost ten grand per man.
  •'s Jayson Stark weighs in on the pros and cons of moving a team to Las Vegas. I still think the biggest obstacle is the small size of its TV market -- 48th largest, far smaller than the current smallest, 36th-ranked Cincinnati.
Food for thought. Don't stuff yourself too much on this, or on turkey either.