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The Marketplace Spins Out Of Control

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So you thought $11 million was too much for Scott Eyre.

Then you had a fit of apoplexy when $12 million was laid out for Bob Howry.

Try being a Blue Jays fan. The Jays are about to spend $47 million on B. J. Ryan.

And a five-year deal for a closer? Unprecedented.

Sure, Ryan's good. But that good?

At those prices, maybe Kerry Wood can be shopped around as a closer -- his deal doesn't call for that much more money than Ryan's, at least over the next couple of years.

If this contract is finalized, all it's going to do is drive the price for other free agents, regardless of position, through the roof. That's why Jim Hendry will likely do better this winter in the trade market.

$47 million. Wow.

One Cub note that's completely unrelated to this: the Cubs have posted on their website the 2006 ticket price list that I had posted here a week ago. Note, however, that the seating chart on that page does not reflect the new bleacher configuration.