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Bleacher Reconstruction Update: November 26

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Ask and you shall receive.

Some of you have noted that the photos I have been placing on the site are pretty large; they both can take a while to load, and they also, depending on what your display settings are, can force the site to have a scrollbar across the bottom.

Thus, presenting thumbnails! Clicking on each image will still open the full-size version in a new browser window (remember to click on the bottom right corner for true full-size, in IE, or anywhere on the image in Firefox). Comments welcome.

Top: Behind the right field bleachers (near my old section), along Sheffield; behind the left field bleachers, along Waveland, looking east.

Middle: Behind the left field bleachers, from Waveland; the old hitters' background area, future home of the new center field restaurant, from Waveland.

Bottom: Bleacher entrance, viewed from Waveland side; bleacher entrance, viewed from the corner of Sheffield and Waveland. David wonders: Note the beer stand still at the top of the ramp. Could the construction workers be using it as a tool shed?

Photos by David Sameshima, taken Saturday, November 26