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Every day, I receive an e-mailed newsletter from Lee Sinins, the Around the Majors report, with various updates on trades, signings, and during the season, recaps.

Today's newsletter contained nothing but player birthdays (I know you couldn't wait to know that former Cub Dave Giusti is 66 today), and was titled "A boring day with nothing happening".

With that in mind, I introduce you to Lost in Translation, which is not a site related to the Bill Murray/Scarlett Johansson movie, but instead, does the following:

It uses the Babelfish online translator to put a block of text through multiple translations back and forth from English to various languages, with the inevitable humorous results.

And so, I present my post entitled "The Marketplace Spins Out Of Control" from yesterday, sent through the "Babelizer":

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I particularly like "Apparatus of healthful defective reading."

Don't blame me when you look up from your computer and it's three hours after you last checked the time of day.