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126 Days To Opening Day

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And not a moment too soon.

However, you can chew on these for a while:

The Rangers are now interested in Juan Pierre -- to play left field; apparently they're happy with -- gulp! -- Gary Matthews Jr. in CF.

This confirms the rumors we've been hearing that the Cubs are getting more interested in Milton Bradley. As stated on MLB Trade Rumors (linked above):

Bradley stands out as an undervalued center fielder entering his prime. Bradley is projected to easily outplay Pierre in 2006, with better offensive numbers across the board (except for steals). He also rates as a much better defender. Attitude problems have followed Bradley. Such concerns have lowered Bradley's price tag significantly.

Also, the Dodgers are apparently interested in Grady Little for their open manager's slot, though they

have yet to ask for formal permission to interview Little, who is currently working as a roving catching instructor in the Chicago Cubs' system.

Roving catching instructor? Quite a comedown from "special assistant". I never saw anything special in Little -- seemed like any one of a number of baseball lifers who'd be recycled through various managing jobs. If the Dodgers do hire him, they'll surely crow about his leading the Red Sox to two 90+ victory seasons. As we all know, that doesn't tell the entire story about his managerial career.

And, there is now another team in the running for Brian Giles -- the suddenly free-spending Blue Jays.

C'mon, Jim Hendry. Do something. Otherwise I'll be forced to dig into my Big Collection Of Goofy Funny Websites again.