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I Am Such A Tease

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I did some checking around today.

The John Mabry rumor that was originally posted on a St. Louis-area message board (and hat tip to Viva El Birdos for the link), has legs.

The usual "informed sources" say that it could very well happen.

If Mabry takes over the Jose F. Macias roster spot, then it's worth it.

Also, from MLB Trade Rumors, get a load of what the Orioles are supposedly offering for Bobby Abreu -- Erik Bedard and Jay Gibbons.

I don't think the Cubs could match that, do you?

Finally, a late surge of votes has rescued the left-sidebar clock from oblivion -- 77 people voted "keep it", 53 said "lose it", and 105 apathetic souls said "don't care". I like it myself (otherwise, why would I have put it there in the first place?), so it stays.