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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - November 2

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The BCB Photography Team now has a new member -- Howard!

He called yesterday afternoon as he was driving by the ballpark, with his camera, and told me that the Waveland gate was open, which allowed him to take some really nice shots. One of them clearly shows that construction has begun -- you can see the steel rods in one photo; this is where they will begin to pour the new concrete.

The Cubs have to be thanking their lucky stars (presuming they have any!) that the weather has been so nice recently.

Howard added:

I purposely overlightened [the last one] in order to show some of the construction detail.

The 2nd to last shot was taken standing on the bumper of a Jeep that was parked to the west of the firehouse.

Top: Behind CF (I presume the doors, which are the restroom exit doors, will eventually be replaced); steel rods being laid behind LF

Middle: On Waveland, looking toward CF; closer view of the same

Bottom: Photo taken from car bumper showing that most of RF concrete is still there (note the one lonely remaining bench); lightened photo showing construction details

Photos by Howard