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Cubs 2006 Spring Training Schedule

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Thursday 3/2: vs. Athletics at Mesa
Friday 3/3: vs. Mariners at Peoria
Saturday 3/4: vs. Giants at Scottsdale
Sunday 3/5: vs. Giants at Mesa
Monday 3/6: vs. Rangers at Mesa
Tuesday 3/7: vs. Athletics at Phoenix
Wednesday 3/8: vs. Padres at Mesa
Thursday 3/9: vs. Rangers at Surprise
Friday 3/10: vs. Angels at Mesa
Saturday 3/11: vs. Royals at Mesa
Sunday 3/12: vs. Brewers at Maryvale
Monday 3/13: vs. Rockies at Mesa
Tuesday 3/14: vs. Mariners at Mesa
Wednesday 3/15: off day
Thursday 3/16: vs. Angels at Tempe
Friday 3/17: vs. Giants at Scottsdale
Saturday 3/18: vs. White Sox at Tucson
Sunday 3/19: vs. Rangers at Mesa (ss)
            vs. Athletics at Phoenix (ss)
Monday 3/20: vs. Diamondbacks at Tucson
Tuesday 3/21: vs. Brewers at Mesa
Wednesday 3/22: vs. Padres at Peoria (8:05)
Thursday 3/23: vs. Mariners at Mesa
Friday 3/24: vs. Rockies at Tucson
Saturday 3/25: vs. Athletics at Mesa (ss)
              vs. Royals at Surprise (ss)
Sunday 3/26: vs. Diamondbacks at Mesa
Monday 3/27: vs. White Sox at Mesa
Tuesday 3/28: vs. Mariners at Peoria
Wednesday 3/29: vs. Angels at Tempe
Thursday 3/30: vs. Diamondbacks at Mesa (1:05)
Friday 3/31: vs. Padres at Las Vegas (9:05)
Saturday 4/1: vs. Padres at Las Vegas (2:05)
All games at 2:05 CST unless otherwise noted. (ss) means split-squad game.

You can download a printable .pdf of this schedule here, or read it directly on the Cubs website here.

Interesting schedule; only two split-squad games, and no more than four against any one team.

March 2! That's only 118 days away!