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Still Want Brian Giles?

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The Cubs will apparently have to compete with the Yankees for him.

There's no way I'd want Jim Hendry to get into a bidding war for Giles. And you know what? Yankee Stadium's short RF porch is perfect for Giles' LH power bat. If he signs there, watch his power numbers go up, and you will all gnash your teeth -- but if signing Giles breaks the bank, I say let the Yankees have him, and turn the Cubs' attention elsewhere.

Man, it's going to be a long week, till Friday, which is the first day that teams can negotiate with free agents other than their own.

Also, today on you can get a printable .pdf of the 2006 Cub schedule. If you are willing to invest $1.79, you can get a full-page ad in today's printed copy of the Tribune that includes the schedule as well as the "tentative" promotional giveaway schedule.

It includes the usual heavy list of scratch-off cards with "random winners", ranging from 100 to 500, for various items, in 2006 to include a Derrek Lee baseball bat, replicas of the Ernie Banks and Billy Williams retired jersey flag, and an "autographed Ron Santo Schutt Sports official MLB base".

Several of the giveaways are listed as "current player" or "player", meaning, I suppose, that someone yet to be acquired might be honored. The only active players listed for such giveaways are Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Michael Barrett, Greg Maddux, and Mark Prior (no, not even Carlos Zambrano, though I'll bet he'll be added to the list).

Also on the full-page ad in the sports section is the on-sale date for single-game tickets (Friday, February 24), and the statement "Log onto for details on ordering 2006 season, group and individual tickets".

So maybe you're thinking, Hey, I'll get a season ticket while they are available.

But if you go to the ticketing page at, it reads:

Currently there are no available Season Ticket locations.

Fans interested in becoming 'Full Season' Season Ticket Holders can add their names to our Waiting List by calling (773) 404-2827.

Any location that becomes available will be offered to those on the waiting list based on their standing in the waiting list order.

Oh, well. I suppose you could call and find out how long the waiting list is.