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More Rumor Mongering

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This one's in Spanish so you'll have to run it through Babelfish, but nestled in a profile of Jose Valentin is the nugget that he's "negotiating with the Mets and Cubs."


Valentin strikes out a lot. A LOT. However, he had a decent .326 OBA last year despite hitting only .174 for the Dodgers. He is one year removed from a 30-HR season for the White Sox -- in fact, I had hoped that after they benched him the last month of 2004, that the Cubs might have picked him up for bench help then.

He is not young -- he's 36. As a cheap signing, he might be useful, as he can play several positions (yes, I know, none of them very well).

Funniest thing about the translation -- most pages that have "Cubs" in them translate as "small animals". This one came out "Puppies".

Finally, naked butt girl continues to adorn the left sidebar!