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Dreaming Of A Shortstop To Come...

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... and it may be more than a dream. Bruce Levine on ESPN 1000 has stated that Jim Hendry has already made inquiries about Miguel Tejada, who is apparently serious about wanting out of Baltimore.

Bruce Miles hints at the same thing in his Daily Herald column today.

This is more than a pipedream. My sources confirm that Hendry is VERY interested. And the Cubs are a logical destination -- why? Because the only AL teams that could afford him are in the AL East -- and there's no way the Orioles would EVER send him to the Yankees or the Red Sox. Can you imagine the howls from Orioles fans if they did that? It makes more sense for them to send him to the NL.

How many NL teams both need a shortstop and can afford the balance of Tejada's contract? (four years, $50 million, with a couple of option/buyout years after that -- and after the Rafael Furcal deal, that doesn't look like so much money any more, does it?) The Cubs are about the only team that fits that description.

Miles wrote:

Just a few days ago, Hendry was in a funk over losing Furcal to the Dodgers. Sometime before or after Christmas, he could be counting his blessings, both the easy-to-see kind and the blessings in disguise.
That's how I see it too. At this point, I would trade absolutely anyone in the entire organization except Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Mark Prior and Carlos Zambrano. Yes, ANYONE other than those four.

Jim Hendry -- make it so.

Incidentally, in addition to Tejada's MVP award, his three All-Star appearances and his other considerable accomplishments, he has also played in every game for the last five seasons and now has a consecutive-game streak of 918 -- the seventh-longest in baseball history.

Hey, that's ONE way to keep Neifi! out of the starting lineup!