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Your Daily Tejada

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Phil Rogers is at it again.

He floats a Zambrano-for-Tejada deal, and says that it could be more palatable if the Cubs got in addition:

right-hander Daniel Cabrera or one of the Orioles' pitching prospects--Hayden Penn, John Maine or Adam Loewen.

Well. I like Cabrera, and Penn, who is only 21, had a couple of decent starts for the Orioles last year. But.

Z is the Cubs' ace, no matter how you slice it. You would, however, be getting an MVP-quality player in return. I'd be very, very, very leery of doing this.

There are plenty of ways to negotiate with the Orioles. This seems to be a curious dance, too, with Tejada yesterday seemingly retracting his trade demand -- though, as one of you pointed out, this could just be a "save face" sort of comment.

This ain't over by a long shot.