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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - December 12

Photos taken Sunday afternoon, December 11.

Top: Behind left field, on Waveland. Note tall vertical poles positioned at the back of the new bleacher extension. Is this how high the new fence will be? (This was David's question to me. I think not -- I think these are for flagpoles); Welding work being done in left field; View from Waveland Ave, below the back of the scoreboard.

Bottom: View below the back of the scoreboard; View from Sheffield Ave, behind and below the scoreboard; View from Sheffield Ave, behind the right field bleachers.

Photos by David Sameshima

David also wrote me:

With the snow accumulation, it is now difficult to go up to the fence to take photos. The plows have pushed the snow up against the barricades. I also used to be able to take photos in the gap, of the construction gate, below the Stadium Club. There appears to be a new structure on the Sheffield sidewalk, where the guard shack was located. The view, thru the gap there, is now partially blocked.