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The Patterson Logjam...

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... could be broken soon, if, as is speculated by Ken Rosenthal, the Dodgers sign Kenny Lofton.

Why would that break the jam? Because the Diamondbacks are also interested in Lofton. If he turns Arizona down and signs with the Dodgers, the D'backs could turn to the Cubs for Patterson as sort of a poor-man's Lofton.

Yes, I know, a destitute man's Lofton. But still. We already know there's been interest in Arizona about Patterson, courtesy of our favorite site. Conversely, if Lofton chooses the D'backs, who are also interested, Patterson could be shopped to the Dodgers.

Keep an eye, then, on any signings of Lofton. That ought to give a clue as to Corey's new home. And he WILL have one.