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Community Guidelines

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BCB has, in recent weeks, grown to become quite a large community -- we are now getting hundreds of posts daily, and I'm grateful for all of them, for all of you, for without you, we wouldn't be the vibrant community we have become.

With growth can come growing pains. As such, I have posted some community guidelines which should be seen as very basic "rules" on how you should approach posting here at BCB.

These are NOT intended to be Draconian, and I have an extreme aversion to "banning" anyone. This is an open and free community, and all viewpoints are welcome. Yes, ALL.

All I ask is that people be courteous, and not profane, and follow the general rules laid out in the guidelines. Let me say that in general, I think the tone of the discussion here stays on-topic, is intelligent and articulate, and puts forth interesting and lively ideas.

Let's keep it that way. Thanks.