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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - December 17

Despite the 25-degree weather and a biting wind, there was quite a bit of construction activity at the ballpark today, as you'll see in the photos.

I saw a few other people with cameras; the workers must see this often, as one of them yelled at me from across the street, "It's $10 per photo!" To which I replied, "You wish!"

UPDATE [2005-12-17 16:46:01 by Al]:

Not long after I posted this, David e-mailed me some photos he took this morning; I have appended them to the rest.

Top: the elevator behind CF; another view of the elevator with worker; worker on beams beneath CF bleachers; welding work in LF

Row 2: underneath the section closest to the LF line -- you can see the underpinnings of the seats going in; view from Sheffield looking toward the corner of Waveland and the CF steelwork; section closest to the RF line superstructure; wider view of the steel structure on Sheffield

Row 3: where you see the green windscreens is where the controversial "knothole" is supposed to go; view from across Sheffield of the entire sweep of the RF structure; a non-bleacher photo of some work being done underneath the corner of the RF upper deck; left field again (morning)

Bottom: underneath CF; closer view of the "knothole"; long view looking north down Sheffield

First two rows and first three photos in row 3, by Al; last photo in row 3, and bottom row, by David Sameshima