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First, here's the official report on the Jacque Jones signing from Yahoo.

You guys have done a pretty good job dissecting this deal in the diaries -- I don't know how much I can add, except that coming here and just saying "HA HA HA" is pretty juvenile. Maybe someone like that could draw a good picture, I dunno.

But to just sit here and bitch, or boycott -- well, does that make you a fan? I say not. Am I going to blindly support everything Jim Hendry and Dusty Baker do? No. But I'm still a Cubs fan, and a baseball fan. Spewing out venom doesn't make me feel any better.

Jones is simply not a very good player. He's probably what Corey Patterson could have turned into if Patterson could have even had a tiny bit of strike zone judgment and a better attitude.

In Jones' best year (2002), he still struck out a ton. His OPS that year was .852, and I suppose we'd take that if he could duplicate it. He'd be way better if the Cubs could get Kevin Mench to platoon with him.

There is one more thing that I'd like to see Jim Hendry explore -- now that it appears that Johnny Damon is heading to the Yankees, maybe the Cubs could shop Patterson to the Red Sox.

Have at it. I'm also going to post part 4 of the Japan series shortly.