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After a week or so with no "activity" on the Tejada-trading front, Ken Rosenthal feeds us a new rumor:

The Cubs, aggressively pursuing a blockbuster trade for Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada, are willing to part with a top starting pitcher, most likely right-hander Mark Prior, sources tell

The talks are stalled, a source says, over the Cubs' insistence that the Orioles give up left-hander Erik Bedard along with Tejada if they want Prior - and the Cubs' refusal to include top outfield prospect Felix Pie or a top pitching prospect in return.

Well, duh! Of course "talks would stall" over something like this. But maybe this is just a "fire the first shot" sort of request. There's no way the Orioles would include Erik Bedard in a deal like this, especially if the Cubs won't include Felix Pie. I'd also think that Ronny Cedeno would have to be Baltimore-bound in any such deal, just so the Orioles can at least tell their fans, "Hey, we got a shortstop too."

But what if the Cubs DID include Pie in such a deal? And what if the pitcher they asked for in return wasn't Bedard, but Hayden Penn? Or Daniel Cabrera? Or John Maine? And what if the Cubs also offered Angel Guzman?

Now, maybe we're talking. Remember, giving up Pie is risking that your prize prospect will become a star somewhere else. We don't know this will happen, but we DO know that Miguel Tejada is already an MVP-caliber player and will likely remain so for several more seasons. That would make having Jacque Jones in RF for three years a bit more palatable.

Phil Rogers jumps into this fray as well:

Think an offer of Carlos Zambrano, Pie and Perez would get the Baltimore Orioles' attention?

I do. The Cubs ought to be willing to give up Zambrano to get Tejada, especially if they still can add a free-agent starter (Kevin Millwood, Jeff Weaver or Brett Tomko would do).

I would hate to see Pie traded, but if he could help bring Tejada, that could excuse it, especially if the argument next September is which member of a Cubs playoff team most deserves the National League MVP, Lee or Tejada?

Well. That's too much. Z ought to anchor the Cubs' rotation for the next decade, or longer. And I doubt the Orioles would have any interest in Neifi to replace Tejada. In Cedeno, they have at least the possibility that he'd become a star.

If Rosenthal is right and the Cubs are indeed being "aggressive"... then maybe that "sexy" move that some of you have been waiting for is coming soon.