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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - December 24

It's 42 degrees, cloudy and foggy, and drizzling lightly in Chicago today.

You know. Opening Day weather.

It seemed like a nice enough day, though, to head over to the ballpark and take some pre-holiday photos. There have been some changes in what you can see from the street, as you'll see below.

After this, the "baseball" weather had me in a real ballpark mood, so I stopped by Jimmy John's on Clark for a sandwich.

Top: behind CF from corner of Waveland & Sheffield (note small 'Christmas tree' the workers put next to the under-construction elevator shaft); looking west from the corner; underneath left-center field; the stacked metal pieces will eventually form the back walkway (this view is in RF)

Middle: behind right-center field, with doors open showing snowy field of play; the "knothole"; behind CF looking towards RF; the nearly-completed LF walkway

Bottom: another view of the walkway where you can also see the underpinnings for the rows of benches being constructed; looking east down Waveland, the furthest west section now covered with tarps; long view down Waveland behind LF; view showing the old concrete which will remain, and the steel structure which will house the rows behind the old, clearly showing that the "sweep" of the seats will remain the same, despite rumors to the contrary

Photos by Al