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Free Agent Frenzy Update

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About fifty of you made picks in the BCB version of's Free Agent Frenzy contest.

As of today, twelve of the fifteen free agents have signed, as follows:

A. J. Burnett: Toronto
Johnny Damon: NY Yankees
Kyle Farnsworth: NY Yankees
Rafael Furcal: Los Angeles
Nomar Garciaparra: Los Angeles
Brian Giles: San Diego
Jacque Jones: Cubs
Paul Konerko: White Sox
Kevin Millwood: Texas
Matt Morris: San Francisco
B. J. Ryan: Toronto
Billy Wagner: NY Mets

There are three on the list who remain unsigned: Bengie Molina, Mike Piazza and Preston Wilson.

Someone who entered will win a prize from Al's Big Collection Of Baseball Stuff. And I'll bet one of you out there with way too much time on his or her hands, will go through the entries and see who's ahead. (That was a hint: I don't have that sort of time.)