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A Discussion About Trades...

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I had another discussion with the conversation-bot at Jabberwacky, about one proposed Tejada deal.

My head hurt after this one.

(my comments are in italics)

Should the Cubs trade Mark Prior for Miguel Tejada?
No. I see now that it was a dumb idea. But, still, the situation in the middle east is potentially explosive--especially with the spread of nuclear weapons.
Now, are you saying that someone might nuke Jim Hendry if he does this?
No. Are you?
Not at all. But you brought up nuclear weapons.
Yes, but this is about you and your political ambivalence as a sign of deeper neuroses!
I'm not ambivalent about Tejada. I want the Cubs to get him.
If you're not American why do you have such an interest in their politics?
Who said I wasn't American?
I don't think I understand your answer, but you do not need to fix it if you don't want to.
I do think Tejada would help fix the Cubs. Don't you?
What is your favorite movie?
Recent movie? I liked 'The Family Stone'.
I did too, but that's completely unrelated.
Of course it is. But you were the one who brought it up.
No, you did, you said 'Because it's from the movie!'
No, I sure didn't. I was asking you about Miguel Tejada.
I'm not from a city.
So? Neither is Tejada.
What does tea have to do with words?
I didn't say 'tea', I said 'Tejada'.
I'm... Not sure. Who are you?
I'm Al. Who are YOU?
I know that. But who?
Was that a trick question?
No. Are you going to answer my question about Tejada?
Yes. I'm going to eat peaches.
Have a good time, then. I'll ask someone else.