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Apology (Again? Yes, Again)

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Some of you may have noticed that BCB was inaccessible at times over the last couple of days. This was immensely frustrating for me, and I'm sure it was for you too.

Bad as it was for all of us, imagine the frustration at AZ Snakepit, the D'backs site, or Lone Star Ball, the Rangers blog, or the folks at the Blue Jays site Bluebird Banter -- those teams had actual news to report yesterday.

Here is the explanation as given to us, from Jeremy, who's in charge of such things:

It always comes when you least suspect it...

One, but only one, of the SB webservers went down, which explains why the problems with the sites were only intermittent. I've got everything squared away to make sure they'll be easier to fix now, and I'll be teaching Jon [today] how to bring the sites back up if they should crash. I was already planning to teach him that [Tuesday], since I was up in Seattle all day [Monday] (since What Could Possibly Go Wrong(tm) the day after Christmas?). I even checked at one point to make sure everything was running OK.

So -- welcome back, and it appears all is well.

Now, let's have the CUBS make some news we'll want to talk about.