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The Grass Is Always Browner

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So you think the Cubs made a bad signing in Jacque Jones?

(Yes, Chuck, I do too.)

Then just think about what the Orioles did, or are apparently just about to do if they haven't already -- pay Jeromy Burnitz MORE than Jones -- (at least on a per-year basis) $12 million for two years.

The mind boggles. Orioles fans are beyond livid. One of them posted this quote from Rotoworld:

What a remarkably bad idea. Maybe the worst of the winter so far, which is really saying something. Burnitz has had OPSs of 676, 786, 915 and 757 the last four years. His one good year was Coors Field aided, of course, and he had a road OPS of 775 that year. Burnitz turns 37 in April, so he's going to get worse, not better. As a one-year stopgap, he'd be tolerable. $12 million over two years is just flushing Peter Angelos' money down the toilet.

So -- don't think our team is the only one making dumb moves. Incidentally, Camden Chat and Rotoworld both hint that Eric Byrnes may sign with the Diamondbacks soon.

Another opportunity missed. Wade Miller's still out there, Jim Hendry. Go get him.

Next up: the deadline has passed for entries to the Draw Chuck contest. The judging committee is meeting tonight in executive session, and the four finalists will be posted tomorrow. Voting will begin then, and continue through Tuesday, January 3.

Speaking of voting through Tuesday, the gauntlet has been thrown by The Cub Reporter, after our flurry of votes put us ahead of them in the 2005 Best MLB Blog voting, sponsored by The Red Reporter.

I know you guys can rise to the challenge. There are a couple of thousand of you. Go vote! The link is above. We can win this thing!

Finally, I hate to bring this up again, because there have been about 12,573 diaries on the topic, not to mention my own posts, but I received a call from one of my sources today indicating that the current Tejada rumor (Patterson/Hill/Prior for Tejada/Bedard) is, in fact, "on the table", despite the denials, and further, other Oriole prospects are being discussed.

For once, our favorite site and I are in agreement. Stay tuned.