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Rafael Furcal?

He's a Dodger -- signing a three-year, $39.5 million deal, that is likely to be officially announced later today.

And man, you guys were busy typing away -- 68 comments in this diary... in the middle of the night. Just goes to show you how dedicated all of us are.

Or nuts, one or the other.

Rafael Furcal is a good player, but he is certainly not a franchise savior -- and obviously, he did go for the money. All the brave (pardon the pun) talk about wanting five years was clearly BS; he and his agent must feel that three years from now, they can break the bank again.

Good. Let 'em. Somewhere else.

It is December 4. Opening Day is still four months away. Keep in mind that often, deals pop out of nowhere -- example, the Twins' deal for Luis Castillo the other day, or a certain team we know of acquiring Derrek Lee two years ago.

One thing is for certain: if the 5-year, $50 million offer from Jim Hendry was genuine -- and I have no reason to believe it wasn't -- there's plenty of money on the table for trades (Bobby Abreu!), or perhaps to pursue Johnny Damon if he's willing to take a deal less than the ridiculous seven years that's been rumored (and don't forget, Damon is a Scott Boras client, and the Cubs have always had a good relationship with Boras). Hey, go ask the Red Sox about Manny Ramirez. Why not? Could they go back to Nomar and ask him to play left field? Many of the clubs inquiring about him now have mentioned outfield as his destination. Maybe it's time to pull the trigger on that rumored Barry Zito deal. It's entirely possible that the next player the Cubs acquire will be someone who isn't even on the radar screen -- or someone who we've discussed before, such as Austin Kearns or Adam Dunn.

Patience, please, and yes, that means you, Chuck. Have the Cubs made a major acquisition? No, they haven't. Do they have holes to fill? Yes, they do. Do they have a game to play today? No, they don't.

If, after the upcoming week, the Cubs haven't made a splash, then I'll be concerned.

Till then, sit back and enjoy this roller-coaster.