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Here's what my SB Nation colleague Blez says about this possibility over at Athletics Nation:

The Cubs have a lot of good young pitching in their system. But the A's need a hitter. Again, like the Orioles, I wouldn't doubt seeing Beane move Zito for more young, cheap pitching and then sign a Frank Thomas or Nomar Garciaparra to a one or two year deal.

Also, when this rumor first broke on Saturday, I posted the question at AN: What would it take to get Zito?

I received this response from an A's fan:

Honestly, a great package would be:

Barry Zito and Jairo Garcia


Rich Hill, Matt Murton, Ryan Harvey and Sean Marshall/Ricky Nolasco. That may seem like too much to give up on the Cubs part, but that's what it's gonna take.

Yeah, that is way too much, particularly because Murton is going to be the Cubs' starting LF in 2006 -- even though Jairo Garcia is a terrific prospect. There's more: you can read the entire exchange here.

Better hurry, too, Jim Hendry, or the Dodgers or even the Giants might beat you to him.

Incidentally, ESPN is carrying a special "Winter Meetings Edition" of Baseball Tonight, today at 1:30 pm CT.