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Think The Cub Offseason Is A Failure?

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The Cardinals, as you know, lost out on A. J. Burnett when he signed with the Blue Jays.

This is a guy the Cardinals wanted almost as much as the Cubs wanted Rafael Furcal.

Supposedly, they are so desperate now that they're considering signing Jacque Jones (YEAH! DO IT!), Matt Lawton, D'Angelo Jimenez and even -- you sitting down? -- Bret Boone.

The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Patience. The week is not yet over.

UPDATE [2005-12-6 15:14:18 by Al]:

Have heard that there is nothing to the Prior-for-Abreu rumor. The other things reported in today's papers concerning possible deals with Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and Florida are all in play.