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If so, why? Jim Hendry's not going to make any deals at 4 am!

Why am I awake? Well, I'm at work, and here's the latest from Dave van Dyck of the Tribune:

The Cubs are interested in the following players: Aubrey Huff, Julio Lugo, Joey Gathright, Austin Kearns, Juan Pierre, Kevin Mench, Cliff Floyd and Bobby Abreu.

That's the order they're listed in the article, anyway -- I wouldn't presume that's the priority order.

Here are some players the Cubs would offer up in return, at least to Tampa Bay, Cincinnati and Texas:

Sergio Mitre, Jerome Williams, Todd Wellemeyer and Ricky Nolasco.

Then there's this:

Teams have been told that top pitching prospect and left-hander Rich Hill is pretty much untouchable.

Good heavens, why? We're talking about someone who will be 26 in March -- older than Josh Beckett and C. C. Sabathia, to give you a point of reference -- and has thrown 23 2/3 major league innings with an ERA of 9.13. Yeah, he has that great sweeping curveball that makes everyone think "taller Barry Zito".

Criminy. Zito's only two years older than Hill and has eighty-six career wins. Go after him. Send Hill to the A's along with, I dunno, Nolasco and some other players.

Think big!

Now go back to sleep.

UPDATE [2005-12-6 4:48:21 by Al]:

Our favorite site says Milton Bradley is headed to the A's for Kirk Saarloos and minor leaguer Mario Ramos.

UPDATE [2005-12-6 8:55:55 by Al]:

Here is MSM confirmation of the Prior-for-Abreu rumor.